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High-quality steel structures begin with top-notch materials. We collaborate with trusted suppliers to ensure that all our steel meets or exceeds contract documents and client-supplied shop drawings, guaranteeing exceptional results. By sourcing premium materials, we produce durable, visually stunning structures that surpass expectations and stand the test of time.


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Material Handling



Our software seamlessly generates files and integrates them into our machinery for streamlined steel fabrication. Skilled programmers review and align the files with your detailing, ensuring smooth integration. With programming experts and cutting-edge software, you can confidently trust in our unmatched precision, efficiency, and performance.

Thermal Cutting

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robotic thermal cutting

Peddibot - 1200

We utilize the Peddinghaus PeddiBot-1200 thermal cutting machine to cut steel with precision and accuracy. This advanced machine reduces labor costs and increases production capacity, ensuring that each piece of steel is cut to meet the required specifications.

Shot Blasting


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axis technology

Thermal Cutting Capabilities

Thermal Cutting

Shot blasting

Peddinghaus PeddiBlast

The Peddinghaus PeddiBlast is a shot blasting machine that removes rust and other contaminants from steel, creating a clean and finished surface that is ideal for painting, powder coating, or galvanizing. This machine provides a consistent finish, ensuring that each piece of steel meets our high-quality standards.

Robotic Fabrication


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Shot Blasting

robotic & manual fabrication

Zeman SBA Compact+ 1100

Our Zeman SBA Compact+ 1100 robotic welding and fabrication system revolutionizes the steel industry. With its advanced capabilities, we produce steel structures quickly and accurately, reducing lead times and increasing production capacity. This allows us to consistently deliver exceptional results to our clients, providing the flexibility to customize our solutions based on the specific needs of your project.

Quality Control


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Robotic Fabrication

quality control

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We perform a comprehensive inspection of each steel component to ensure that it meets the required specifications and that the final product is safe and reliable. If any issues are identified, the team at Axis takes immediate corrective action to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

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